Friday, November 9, 2018

Coming Soon...

For the past few weeks our second graders have been busy writing our classroom book entitled "Our Christmas Traditions". Today, we will finalize our book and mail it into the book company so that they can create official copies of our book. Students are very excited to see their writing in an actual book! For the past three years I have had my students write a classroom book and each year my students get excited about becoming authors and illustrators. Below is a sneak peak at the cover of our book as well as previous books created by my students. We can't wait to share our writing inside of our new book with all of our families this Christmas!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Changing Matter

This week our second graders have started a new unit in science where they get to learn how matter can change. In order to begin this unit, students were given the opportunity to experiment with a few different objects as they worked together to change matter. Given toothpicks, toilet paper rolls, paper, glue, tape, scissors, pipe cleaners, straws, popsicle sticks, and coffee filters, students created something new. The only thing that students were told were that they needed to utilize all of the materials that were given to them in order to create a new structure.

It was interesting to notice that each group of students created a totally different structure throughout this activity. Students enjoyed working together in order to create this new structure as they changed matter around to make something new. Good job second graders!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Solid Buildings

For the past few weeks our second graders have been learning about different states of matter. To work on one specific state of matter, solids, the students had the opportunity to think of what solids are appropriate for building certain objects. In order for students to really think this through, they were given the opportunity to build three different items (such as a house, bike, car, etc.) with numerous building tools spread across the classroom (magnets, counting cubes, shape tiles, lincoln logs, etc.). Students worked in pairs to build their three objects:

After building their objects, students thought through a few different questions. How did you choose the materials for your design solution? What was the purpose of different blocks? Students thought through these questions and discovered that different blocks (different solids) are better at designing certain objects than others. For example, students would rather build a house out of the lincoln logs than with the counting cubes because it built a sturdier house. Through this activity, students realized that the properties of different solids truly make a difference when they think through objects that they would make out of those solids.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fun Run Classroom Incentives

Our second graders have been working really hard to earn $1,000 as a class through our Fun Run fundraiser this week. As a class, we have earned a LOT of different incentives by raising money as our class. Today, our Pledge-O-Meter reached it's highest level, which means we met our goal of $1,000 as a class.

Today the second graders received their "free choice centers" reward and students LOVED moving around the classroom as they wished through their different centers across the classroom. Students had the choice of doing free choice on the computer, free choice on the iPads, building with magnets, building with blocks, or making different pictures with shapes. Below are some pictures of the students participating in these fun centers around the classroom. 

Tomorrow our second graders will be participating in the school Fun Run from 9:00 - 11:00. There is still time to donate money to our second graders to greatly exceed our goal of $1,000. After the Fun Run tomorrow, second graders will receive their last reward on our incentive chart - Movie Day!! The second graders are excited to spend the afternoon relaxing while watching a movie after their run in the morning. Parents, family, and friends, thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dignity Revolution

Today our second graders had an assembly for Dignity Revolution, which is a bullying prevention program. Throughout this program students were entertained by the hilariously terrible magician as he tried to complete magic tricks. Many students were called up to work with the magician and my second graders were excited to help him out with his magic tricks!

Through this program, our second graders learned that everyone has value, everyone should be courageous to try new things, and everyone has the right to be respected. Students loved watching this crazy magician and hearing the lessons that he had to teach them. We hope and pray that students take these lessons to heart and put them into practice throughout this 2018-2019 school year.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Welcome Second Graders!

Welcome to second grade! My name is Miss Beery and I am excited to be your child's second grade teacher this school year. I wanted to give you parents a glimpse into our second grade classroom. Around our classroom we have different work areas with yoga balls, comfy chairs, or fidget desks so that our second graders can have their choice of seating as they work through different activities. I'm also excited to use our SmartBoard where students can become active in their learning as they work with text or manipulatives on the board. Throughout the day students will have access to computers and iPads so that they can add to their learning with these different forms of technology. Lastly, around the room we have Reading Street bulletin boards as well as a Word Wall so that students can see what they are learning each week and what words they have learned to read and spell throughout the school year. Below are a few pictures of what our second grade classroom looks like this year!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Fowler School

Today our second and third graders traveled through time and went to the year 1898 at Fowler School. Students dressed in appropriate clothing, brought lunches that would have been eaten during this time period, and "played school" in the schoolhouse for the day. To begin our day, we had a surprise visit from a traveling Bible man who called himself "Uncle Bob". This man shared a Bible story with our students, then we sang a few hymns together out of our songbooks together.

After our Bible story time in the morning, our schoolhouse students then began studying arithmetic. At first, students weren't sure what arithmetic was, but once they figured out arithmetic was simply math, they got right to studying their arithmetic books and using their slates to solve math problems. 

Once arithmetic was finished, students had the opportunity to go outside and explore some games that students would have played outside in 1898. Some students played baseball, others explored buildings around the property, and some just used the swings next to the schoolhouse. Thankfully, the weather allowed us this time to run around outside before the rain began!

After our recess break, we came back into the schoolhouse and enjoyed some yummy snacks that were brought in by some of our amazing parents. For snack, we had blueberry muffins, oatmeal cookies, and venison beef jerky! Once all of our snack crumbs were cleaned up, we began our reading time in the schoolhouse. Because it is a one room schoolhouse and I had students from second through seventh grade in the classroom (our second and third graders were broken into grade groups with 3 to 4 students in each grade to give us an appropriate glimpse of a one room schoolhouse) we had to break students into groups in order to teach them at their specific grade level. Students were given a set of tasks to do at their desks, while I pulled grade groups of students to work in their McGuffy Readers. Students loved looking through these books and reading stories that students would have read in 1898. 

Students were excited when lunch time arrived and they got to pull out the lunches that they had brought to the schoolhouse. Sadly, the weather didn't allow us to eat our lunches outside, so we stayed in the schoolhouse and ate our lunches at student desks. Once students finished eating, since it was still raining, students had the opportunity to experience what students would have played inside in 1898. Some students played checkers, others played jacks or pick up sticks, and quite a few students experimented with cat's cradle. Overall, inside recess wasn't too big of a disappointment because students loved experimenting with these new inside games!

Writing followed recess and students had the opportunity to write about their favorite parts of being a student in 1898. Some students shared their writing, then we moved on to social studies. Students answered history questions from 1898 (we worked on memorizing these questions earlier in the week so each student had a history answer memorized). Sadly, one student didn't know the answer to his question. He was forced to come up in front of the classroom and wear the dunce cap because he was not prepared. ;) Following this, all of the students wanted a turn wearing the dunce cap and sitting in the corner!

To end our day, students came up in their different grade levels and recited poems that they had memorized as grades. Students did an excellent job with making sure their poems were memorized, said with expression, and included motions to go along with their poetry. Below are videos of each grade level performing their poems:

Fowler School gave our second and third graders an amazing experience to glimpse what life was like in the past. I know that I enjoyed this field trip with my students, and I hope you enjoy the sweet photos of your children in 1898. 

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my dad, "Uncle Bob", for driving the bus for this field trip and teaching us a Bible story to begin our day. I also want to say another HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law, Amber, who came out to the schoolhouse and took photos through the beginning part of our day. Below, I have included a link to all of the pictures she took in the schoolhouse. Feel free to look through them!