Monday, May 8, 2017

Plant Seed Activities

This past week our second and third graders have been working through a plant unit in science. We began the unit by discussing what we already know about plants and what they need to survive. Then we had the opportunity to plant our own seeds in an aeroponic unit. In this device, our plants will not grow in soil, but they will grow in a type of plant foam. They will be watered through a pump underneath them and this pump will give them water as well as the necessary nutrients that they need to thrive. Pictured below is a diagram detailing how the aeroponic tote works. So far we have seen one sprout and we hope to see more sprouts pop up soon!

After planting our seeds, we had the opportunity to become part of the PIA: The Plant Investigative Agency. Students were placed into groups and were then given seeds along with magnifying glasses. Their job was to study the seeds and figure out what plant they came from. Surprisingly, students guessed many of the plants correctly since they were seeds they had seen before, such as cucumber seeds, tomato seeds, peach seeds, and plum seeds.

After this activity, students then had the opportunity to see how seeds were positioned inside of fruit. Students were given different types of fruit, such as a pepper, peach, tomato, and apple. In groups, they cut open the fruit and observed how the seeds were arranged inside of the fruit. Students enjoyed looking at the different sizes of seeds and how some fruits had a lot of seeds inside whereas other fruit only had one seed inside.

So far we have learned a lot in our this science unit and we hope to learn even more about plants!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Tulip Venn Diagrams

     The end of the school year can be a crazy, stressful time where students can easily get upset with each other about silly things. So, to encourage and foster relationships in the classroom, our second and third graders completed an activity that got them thinking about their similarities and differences.

     To begin the activity, we first discussed the parts of a Venn Diagram, then students were introduced to the Tulip Venn Diagram activity. Using a Venn Diagram, students would partner up and discuss some things that they had in common with each other (which would go in the middle of their diagram) and some things that were different about each other (which would go on either side of their diagram). I made sure that students were partnered up with others that they may not usually talk to in or out of the classroom.


     Students enjoyed getting to know each other better and I heard many comments of, "oh, you like that too?" and "that is my favorite too!" Through this activity students saw their differences, but also their similarities and this will, hopefully, encourage students through these last few weeks of school to endeavor to share their similarities while also celebrating their differences. Feel free to come out and see our window displaying our Tulip Venn Diagrams!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Malice in the Palace

For the past few weeks our second and third graders have been joining kindergarten, first, and fourth graders as we practice for our spring drama, "Malice in the Palace". We have gone through multiple rehearsals and we still have one week to go before our performance! Here are a few photos from our rehearsal sessions.

We've been working really hard trying to get this spring drama ready to show our families. We hope to see all of you at either of our performance times on Friday, April 28th; 10:15am or 7:00pm.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day!

This past week has been a VERY entertaining week! Since it was the week of St. Patrick's Day, our friendly classroom leprechaun, The Leprechaun King, paid us quite a few visits. He started out the week on Monday by leaving green sparkly footprints on our counter and spreading papers all over. Later on in the week, he continued to leave green sparkly footprints, but this time he would leave them on student desks along with a note and a piece of "gold". Students would receive these notes and "gold" if the leprechaun noticed them listening and paying attention during class. In some of these notes, The Leprechaun King would ask students questions about things we were learning in the classroom. Students were kind enough to answer his questions on the back of his notes and leave them on their desks for him to find the next day. Surprisingly, that crazy leprechaun was helping students learn as well! ;)

The Leprechaun King stepped up his game on Friday since this time I discovered some leprechaun movement in my house! He left a note along with his green footprints AND he turned my tap water GREEN! I took a video of the leprechaun evidence left in my house and showed the video to my students on Friday morning. They were very interested to hear about what he had done in my house!

On Friday, we ended our St. Patrick's Day week be having some fun St. Patrick's Day centers. In one of these centers, students had to build a bridge using some "gold" (pennies). This was a great activity to get students thinking about building stable structures. Another center consisted of students writing their own leprechaun story based on pictures in a book. Students enjoyed writing their very own leprechaun story and illustrating it with colorful pictures. The last center involved milk, food dye, and soap. Students watched as the colors in the milk, spread out as soon as the soap touched the milk. We discussed this science phenomenon as students watched the "rainbow" of colors move through the milk.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lutheran Schools Week

This past week our Bethlehem Lutheran School has been celebrating Lutheran Schools Week by dressing up differently for each day of the week. On Monday we dressed up as rock stars and our second and third graders enjoyed pretending they were rock stars with their cool clothes and guitar props!

On Tuesday we dressed up in different colors to represent the different grades in our school. Our second and third graders wore green to show their grade. At the beginning of the school day on Tuesday, we got all of the students in the school together in the gym to take a special picture showing the colors of the different grades spread in a rainbow pattern next to a cross pattern made by the teachers wearing white.

On Wednesday we dressed up in our very best clothes to worship during chapel. It was so fun to watch the second and third graders come to school in their fanciest clothes and show them off on Wednesday!

On Thursday we dressed up in wacky mismatch clothes. Students especially enjoyed this day as they got a kick out of the crazy outfits that their classmates and teachers wore to school on Thursday!

Lastly, on Friday we dressed up in red, white, and blue to show pride for our country. Overall, students greatly enjoyed Lutheran Schools Week through each of these dress up days!

Though students enjoyed dressing up, Lutheran Schools Week was about so much more. Students heard how Jesus is their rock through their lives and how they should build their lives around God. To  show this and get it to stick in students' minds a bit more, each student picked a rock out from the school grounds and wrote one word on it: Jesus. Students will be taking these rocks home to keep as a reminder that Jesus is the firm rock that their lives should be built around. Happy Lutheran Schools Week!