Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Strength of Force in Magnets

Yesterday our second and third graders continued to learn about force in science, this time they used magnets. Small groups of students were given a paper maze glued onto cardboard along with a paperclip. Moving to different places in the classroom, students tested the strengths of different magnets and how well the magnets could work through the cardboard to pull the paperclip through the maze. Students loved testing out the many magnets and they could easily gauge which magnets were stronger than others. Below are a few pictures of the groups of second and third graders as they tested out the strengths of the magnets.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Force and Motion

This week we began a new unit in science about force and motion. Today, to get started thinking about this new concept, we had the opportunity to test out some objects to see how force and motion work firsthand. There were certain objects placed around the room at five different centers. In groups, students moved to each center to see how they could experiment with force and motion with each object at each group. For example, at one group there were magnets and paper clips. Students noticed that the magnet produced a pull (force) that caused the paper clip to get drawn toward the magnet (motion). Another example is when students experimented with a car and a ramp at a different center. Students realized that the taller the ramp, the more force is placed on the car and the farther it will move. We all enjoyed experimenting with force and motion during this activity and we are excited to continue to learn more about it in science. Below are a few pictures of students working through the science centers. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Social Studies Review

We have finally finished our first unit of social studies! To review the key concepts that we have learned in this unit, we decided to play a game called Kahoot! To play this fun review game, I placed students in pairs and gave each pair of students an iPad. I displayed the social studies review questions on the Apple TV and each set of students answered each question as best as they could by clicking the correct answer on their iPads. Students loved watching the TV to see how many groups answered each question correctly. At the end of the game we found out which partner pair placed first, second, and third, based off of how many questions they answered correctly. We love reviewing concepts with Kahoot!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Habitat for Humanity Field Trip

This week our second and third graders had the opportunity to go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and work on some bird houses and cards. These bird houses and cards will be given to the families who are getting homes from Habitat for Humanity. Before working on the bird houses and cards, students listened and learned a few facts about Habitat for Humanity. After completing their painting and coloring projects, students then got a tour of the Habitat for Humanity Restore and learned some more interesting facts about it. Students enjoyed building and painting the bird houses, coloring and writing thoughtful cards to the families, and touring the Habitat for Humanity Restore while learning more about what Habitat for Humanity does. Thank you to all of the parent drivers who volunteered to drive us for this field trip!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Heat Wave

These past few weeks our second and third graders have been doing their best in the classroom while we battle through this heat wave. Through these past few days our classroom has gotten up to 88 degrees, whew that is HOT! To battle this heat wave and continue to learn, we tried a couple different things. First off, one day we traveled to the gym, which was surprisingly a bit cooler than our classroom. In the gym we played a game called Math Madness. In this game, students work in teams to solve as many math problems as they can. The team to finish while getting all of the problems correct, wins! Below is a video of the second and third graders playing this game in the gym.

As the day wore on, our classroom continued to get hotter, so to once again battle the heat, students laid out on the floor of the classroom while I read one of our favorite Roald Dahl books to them: The Witches. Students LOVE listening to this story and imagining the characters come to life. Below is a picture of our fun story time!

Overall, I think we have battled through this heat wave pretty well while we continued to learn and have fun in our classroom!

MAP Testing

These past few weeks our second and third graders went through their first round of MAP testing for the school year. Throughout the two weeks of testing, students did a great job staying focused on the test and answering the questions as best as they could. Good job students!

In other news, our second and third graders have been enjoying the latest addition to our classroom: the piano. We've been singing many songs at the beginning of the day during our Bible story time. Here is a video of the kids singing at the top of their lungs. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Welcome New Second and Third Graders!

Welcome new second and third grade students and parents! I am excited to work with all of you this school year. We will be learning a lot about God's Word, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Handwriting.

This year my classroom has gone through a few important changes that I'm hoping will be beneficial to all of my second and third graders. First of all, my classroom now has a flexible seating arrangement; which means we have yoga balls for students to wiggle while sitting on as well as fidget desks for students to stand next to while moving their feet on the foot swing underneath the desks. These new seating arrangements will allow students to move more in the classroom and, hopefully, concentrate more on the work they're trying to finish while they get their wiggles out. One more new addition to our classroom is our SmartBoard. I have been praying for a SmartBoard since I came to this school and I'm excited to say that we will finally get one (it will be put in sometime this week)! With this SmartBoard, students will be able to have more of an interactive approach to all subjects. We are very excited to begin using it! Last, but definitely not least, our classroom received a bit of a makeover this summer with some new carpet! Below are a few pictures of our updated second and third grade classroom.

Throughout this school year, if you have any questions or concerns regarding what is happening in the classroom, do not hesitate to contact me. My contact information is on the school website and I will also list it below. I'm excited to spend this school year with you and your children!

School Phone: (989)-755-1144 (ext. 202)
Cell Phone: (989)-445-0550
Email: jbeery@bethlehemsaginaw.org