Sunday, February 10, 2019

National Read-Aloud Day

This week our second graders celebrated National Read-Aloud Day with their sixth grade chapel buddies. They did this by going down to the library, listening to their sixth grade chapel buddy read them a picture book, and then they listened to people read a story in different languages. They heard the story "Three Billy Goats Gruff" read to them in German, Spanish, and African Egyptian. Then they had the opportunity to listen to Mrs. Brandt read the story in English, while a few second graders and sixth graders acted the story out. The second graders loved going to the library and doing these read aloud activities with their chapel buddies. Below are a few pictures from this fun day:

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Upcoming Chapel

Our second graders are currently getting ready to lead chapel on next Wednesday, January 30th. This year our second graders will be talking about temptation throughout chapel; they will be sharing some Bible stories where Bible characters were faced with temptation and how those people sometimes gave in to that temptation, but how they also sometimes refused to give in to temptation. We have been working hard as we practice saying our parts in the classroom and practice singing the songs as we work through the motions that go along with them. We cannot wait to share this chapel with all of you next Wednesday! Here are some pictures of students practicing their chapel parts in the classroom:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Topographic Map Creations

In social studies our second graders have been learning about maps. One of the maps we've started learning about is topographic maps. In order to better understand these types of map, we did an activity using play dough so that students could experiment with these maps. Students were given the task of creating their own topographic map which would show four different elevations. Once students finished this map, if they had time, they could also create their own topographic maps. Students loved working in groups and using the play dough to create their own maps!

Christmas Books

We recently received our Christmas books back from the book company. The students were very excited to open up these books and read the stories that they had written. Here are a few pictures from this exciting day in the classroom!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Special Friend Day

The week before Thanksgiving was a short and fun week! On Tuesday we had our special friends come and visit us in the morning. They came to chapel with us, made a fun Thanksgiving turkey craft with us, and then ate some yummy donuts and juice with us. We loved having these special friends come and visit us in our classroom! Here are some pictures with our special friends:

After our special friends left for the day, we did an exciting math activity where second graders had to purchase items for their Thanksgiving meal without going over their $25 budget. Students enjoyed "shopping" around and deciding which items they could afford for their Thanksgiving meal. Here are a few pictures of students shopping for their Thanksgiving meal:

At the end of the day, our second graders were surprised with the opportunity to get together with their sixth grade chapel buddies to do some activities with them. In the sixth grade room, students read together, while in the second grade classroom they had a "Mayflower Challenge" where students were given a few items to create a Mayflower boat that would hold up and not sink when pennies were placed in the boat. Students enjoyed reading and working with their chapel buddies throughout these activities. Here are a few pictures of students working with their chapel buddies:

Happy Thanksgiving!